Meet our sponsor


MAPFRE, a global insurance company with HQ in Madrid, is the largest Spanish-owned insurer in the world. Thanks to MAPFRE’s sponsorship, IE students and alumni have the unique opportunity to disrupt a sector in great need of change. 


MAPFRE is a global insurance company with headquarters in Madrid. Today, Mapfre is the largest Spanish-owned insurer in the world, the largest multinational insurance company in Latin America and one of the 15 largest European groups in terms of premium value.

MAPFRE’s key markets are Spain, Brazil, USA, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, and Turkey.

MAPFRE in figures

  • 26 million customers
  • 34,000 employees
  • 28 billion in revenue (2019)
  • 5,100 retail branches

MAPFRE’s main shareholder is Fundación MAPFRE, a non-profit organization devoted to improving people’s quality of life and driving social progress.

Innovating with MAPFRE

In 2018, MAPFRE created insur_space, a new generation corporate accelerator that fosters the development of disruptive insurtech initiatives coming from startups and university students. Since then, 50+ startups from 30 countries have joined MAPFRE’s programs, and half of them have already launched a pilot with a MAPFRE business unit.

insur_space is parte of MAPFRE Open Innovation, MAPFRE’S strategic bet for a customer-centric transformation. MAPFRE uses alliances and emerging technologies to create a positive impact in our business and society. MAPFRE Open Innovation includes, among others:

  • Innovation teams in 7 MAPFRE entities, dedicating 1% of its gross profit to transformation initiatives.
  • CESVIMAP, MAPRE’s R+D center for mobility with 120 professionals.
  • Participation as anchor partners in the venture capital fund Alma Mundi Insurtech -20 investments in the last 2 years with an average ticket of 2M€.
  • MAPFRE #innova, its intrapreneurship program that has already funded 13 projects proposed by employees from 9 different countries.

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