Do you want to be an Entrepreneur?

We’ll help you form a team,
identify an opportunity, 
& access €30k*

What's holding you back?

Top 3 Reasons Startups Fail

And the most commons reasons IE students and alumni don’t join Venture Lab or launch.

Don't have a team

IE is full of talented individuals. But it's hard to meet people outside of your Section.

Don't have an idea

We all have lots of ideas, but identifying an opportunity requires a lot more than just thought.

Lack of funds

It's tough to realize you're validating a market opportunity but you can't afford to continue.

Our Solution

An exclusive program to select talented individuals, facilitate team formation, support ideation of market opportunities and train teams to validate and iterate via a specialized Venture Lab program.

The Program

Venture Lab-Insurtech Edition

After you are selected and form a team, you will enter Venture Lab with the aim of ideating the potential opportunity that you will then validate and iterate upon over the course of the 9-week online program.

Venture Lab - Insurtech Edition

Did you say... Insurtech?

Yes, the insurance industry!

Otherwise known as THE INDUSTRY where the most disruption must and will take place in the next 5-10 years.

Don’t believe us? 

Fast Track to Venture lab

The Process

The entire process and program is 100% virtual. The Fast Track program is designed to select talented individuals, assist in team formation and then invite these teams to participate in the Venture Lab – Insurtech Edition, powered by Mapfre.


Online Application + Linkedin Profile


Hard & Soft Skills. Group Dynamics

Team Formation

Engagement activities + Workshop

Venture Lab

Venture Lab Insurtech Edition

As part of this Venture Lab - Insurtech edition

You are eligible to access:

IE Venture Day Madrid, IE's largest demo-day event
100% Virtual programming
Facilitated Opportunity Workshop
9 Weeks of Facilitated Workshops and Mentorship
IE Business School's top mentors
Industry Experts
The chance to win an invitation to:
MAPFRE's insur_space Accelerator

and to receive:

€30k Funding to validate your MVP

Who is our sponsor?


MAPFRE, a global insurance company with HQ in Madrid, is the largest Spanish-owned insurer in the world. Thanks to MAPFRE’s sponsorship, IE students and alumni have the unique opportunity to disrupt a sector in great need of change.